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Today I got up at 4:30am because I’m an over excitable idiot with a passion for a man with foofy hair and incredible active eyebrows. I had heard the first day of filming for Doctor Who was taking place at a location I could get to in Splott, Cardiff called The Maltings so thought I’d go along - something I’ve never done before and probably won’t do again at such an ungodly hour. Anyway, word on the street was filming would start at 7am.

I turned up with my best friend about 7:45am. We were soaking wet and freezing - it was still dark. One lowly person had been there since 6am and had already seen Strax so our hopes were high even though our feet were already numb.

If I’m quite honest at this point I lost track of time. Soon it was daylight and the set, already very busy when we arrived, had now filled up with lots of costumed extras - Victorian ladies and gents and several Victorian policemen. Then arrived Madame Vastra and Strax. Hooray! Followed shortly afterwards by Jenny who I only manged to catch the top of her head in my bad attempt at photography.

By 10am we decided to call it a day. There didn’t seem to be any sign of Peter or Jenna and there were rumours that they were doing indoor filming elsewhere. Still, I actually had a lot of fun but my poor feet probably disagree with me on that.

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